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The Art Of Speaking Up - online workshop

The Art Of Speaking Up - online workshop

Hello beautiful humans!

I'm inviting you to join me the first online workshop of this year - all about The Art Of Speaking Up.

Are you ready to take the brave, vulnerable, scary 1st step towards a YOU without filters & discover what makes you feel like pushing your thoughts, feelings, and ideas away instead of expressing it?

We're going to dive into:

-shame & guilt that comes with social conditioning
-what is behind our fear of speaking up
-how to practice being brave and opening up even though it's scary as shit and makes you feel super vulnerable and naked
-why pleasing is slowly killing us from inside

...and much more.

All online workshops consist of journaling, sharing of my own insights/stories, practical rituals & exercises (yoga, meditation and other crazy tools to help you get in touch with your Self) & sharing in our secret facebook group - I love t

This time the early bird price will be available until the 6th of February. But get your ticket now, so that you can attend live and join the sharing circle. If you can't be attending live, you'll get the recording and be part of our secret facebook group just for people who are joining the workshops and courses.

If you'd like to join every month, you can get the "love me deeper" package for the special price of 32 Euro.

Get your ticket now! WOHOO! If you have questions, just send me an email to

As soon as you buy your ticket, I'll get in touch with you and send you all details. Just keep in mind I have a time difference of plus 4.5h from Zurich / Switzerland. The workshop is happening 10 am Zurich time and lasts 2 hours. 

Testimonial by Linda from the Czech Republic who joined my #14daysofocurageousrituals:

"I believe that if there is something you need in order to move forward, the universe will send you on a journey. The 14 days of brave women was a journey like that. Aleks created space for everyone to go deep within and allowed us to examine our beliefs and patterns that no longer serve us. I loved that the exercises were simple, to the point and that I could really focus on the parts of me I used to look away from. I am grateful for connecting with all women who participated, the love and support that were omnipresent in any form of our communication. What I really enjoyed was that it wasn’t all positive affirmations and sugar coating. In the most loving way, Aleks made me to face my own *shit* and lies I was telling myself. That helped me incredibly to dissolve the old concepts and I connected with the raw, authentic and wild woman that I am."

So much love,