good girl gone brave woman


Hello, my beautiful sisters <3

The feedback and whole energy of the #14daysofcourageousrituals - good girl gone brave woman was just amazing. So much courage, sisterhood, support and (self-) honesty. Creating awareness in our daily life, so that from there we can move into a brave, terrifying and yet the joyful flow of life - our own personal inner heart flow.

These 14 days are pretty intense... I understand it’s not for everyone immediately, that’s why I created GONE BRAVE WOMEN - THE STARTER KIT COURSE. In 7 days, we go through the 7 chakras (energy wheels), through the topics of connection, trust, heart, speaking up, flow, inner fire and claiming back your power... Every day you get an email with a little story, 1 simple ritual and 1 question to journal and just feel into. All of that not longer than 15 minutes. It’s not about perfection in a sense of you have or should do something... it’s more a divine game, a play, a flow - you experiment, you feel, you watch it in your everyday life. Because that’s what matters. To recognize these things in our daily interactions with our (S)self and other (human) beings.

It’s for you if you feel there MUST be MORE in life than where you are right now.

More than busyiness.
More than hoarding status symbols.
More than feeling tired every morning.
More than waiting for the weekend and hating Mondays.
More than needing drinks to wind down.
More than not being able to relax when you finally make it in your bathtub.
More than feeling empty stressed and drained.
More than just small talk, small living, and small self-expression.
More than pushing down what your heart wants.
More than again not speaking up.
More than being guided by fear of rejection.
More than choosing the “safer” way.
More than saying yes to stuff and people you don’t feel.
More than no boundaries and self-esteem.

So dear sister... are you ready for this one-week immersion? 15 minutes daily just for yourSelf in connection with other amazing women.

*This online course includes being part of an amazing sisters tribe (daily sharing in our facebook group) and a soulsister buddy to connect with! :)
*You’ll get every morning for 7 days an email from me
*Get the course now and for this LIVE round until the 10th of February for the epic early-bird price of 7 Euro, after 11
*We start together Monday, 12th of February and end Sunday, 18th <3 And in the Middle of the course there is a NEW MOON, so we’ll manifest and create space for all the amazingness and ALIVENESS in our lives.
*Get the course here now:
And you’ll get an email from me with further details. YES, SISTER, TIME TO RISE, take your power back and start the ripple effect of EMPOWERMENT! :)

So much love,

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