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Goddess Jumpsuit

Goddess Jumpsuit


This jumpsuit is my travel partner since 2014. Since then I've worn it all around the world because it's easy to wash by hand, dries very fast and it survived already many things - like my bicycle accident in Bali (yup I sew the knee part). I wear it constantly and dry it mostly in the sun, so my jumpsuit changed it's color a lot but I love it. It's super light, it feels like you wear nothing but you do, it's not tight, you feel like a mix of butterfly, fairy, and goddess. It can be worn super sexy. Or very casually with a shirt on top or scarf around the hips. Many different ways - just get creative. It's awesome for summery dance nights but also for the city trip or walks on the beach. I just love it! And I wish to share this love with you! I travel only with 5-6 pieces of my fave clothes and am very happy with them, I really know after over 2 years of constant traveling why some fabrics really don't work in the tropics and why it needs to dry fast. I know why it shouldn't feel uncomfy but also make you feel pretty and dressed up. So here we go! There will be a limited amount (7-10) available to order. Before I create them (and travel around with it:D)
  • eco & fair made by a local woman here that has her own tailor shop. 
  • made out of recycled sarees (Indian women cloth, mostly 6-9 meters long, that they wrap around them in a very special way)
  • no size since it can fit pretty easily many bodies, since long strings and flattery fabric - if you think it won't fit you, just e-mail me at
  • all pieces are unique and there will be different colors and fabrics to choose from
  • it's only limited available
  • shipping from April 2018 - it will arrive perfectly for spring & summer time
  • perfect for traveling & hot climates: easy to wash, dries fast, very little weight (fits also in your hand luggage), comfy but also makes you feel dressed up and beautiful. 

Make now your pre-reservation, it's not binding - as soon as I have more information regarding the price & shipping, you'll get an e-mail from me and can decide if you want to order & buy your Goddess Jumpsuit. :) super easy & simple. And be aware that I'm now in India, so if you want to grab one before the summer starts, well... do it now! :)